Making love GIF-Wall climbing

第61招 爬墙式 Making love GIF Wall climbing

The woman kneels, breaks her feet and supports the wall with her hands. The man’s feet pass through the woman’s thighs, the upper body is supported by hands, and the penis is inserted into each other from the back. The woman moves up and down to make love.

Advantages of this method: the woman can control the whole process of intercourse, the most active woman. The female side has the object to borrow the force, moves will not be too hard. The male side can use her hand to caress the other side’s backyard and back to increase her sexual excitement.

Disadvantages of this method: it is difficult to change other moves because of the obstruction in front. The man’s waist must be strong enough, and his hands must be hard enough, otherwise he will work hard.

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